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American Idol–My Two Cents

Is it just me, or do the contestants this year seem to be the WORST batch of contestants on American Idol…EVER???  There are a few who I believe do have some potential to become really great:  Lacey Brown (I mention her name mostly because I know of someone in particular who reads my puny little blog and they’re totally rooting for her…you know who you are; but she is pretty good), Crystal Bowersox (although she should lose the dreads and get her teeth whitened and straightened), and Andrew Garcia (my personal fave).  But let’s face it….the rest are all duds!  I had to rewind my DVR several times during some performances to see if it was my speakers, the show’s audio, or the actually contestant themselves who was causing the vocals to sound “pitchy” as Randy would say.  It was the contestant.  There are rumors milling about that Simon Cowell is deliberately sabotaging the show in order to gather more viewers for his new endeavor “X Factor” set to air next year.  Hmmmm…makes sense I guess, but I’m not going to dwell on conspiracy theories.  I just want my AI back!  I want my weekly, two day entertainment!!  Is that too much to ask??  Apparently so.

Nevertheless, the American Idol crappy contestant-inspired site Vote For The Worst is up to its usual antics by encouraging AI voters to…you guessed it…vote for the worst.  The “worst” contestants this season:  Haeley Vaughn and Tim Urban.  Rightfully earned.  Ok, hear me out, while they’re both adorable in their own right, Ms. Vaughn’s adorableness is beginning to wear on my nerves as is her high-pitched talking voice and never-ending smile (the caricature to the right really paints a good picture of both contestants).  Pretty boy Urban should, in my opinion, take heed from one blogger and apologize to AI viewers for his off-key performance of OneRepublic’s hit “Apologize.”

There was neither a girl nor a guy who delivered an unforgettable performance Tuesday or Wednesday night, so really any one of them could have gone home.  To say that the four that were eliminated in last night’s results show (Janell Wheeler, Ashley Rodriquez, Joe Munoz, and Tyler Grady) deserved to go home is a little unfair.  Oh heck…unfairness be darned…they deserved to go home!  Janell, c’mon!  Her performance of Heart’s “What About Love?” was all over the place and so painful to listen to I had to fast forward through it.  Seriously…adding Ann Wilson to the list of singers not to touch-ever-on AI would be a wise thing to do so as to save any and all daring (and stupid) contestants from total embarrassment and, ultimately, elimination.  For “diva” Ashley Rodriguez to attempt a number by one of Simon Cowell’s proteges was also another daring (and stupid) move.  Her attempt at Leona Lewis’ “Happy” (ironically titled, no?) earned her a place next to Janell in elimination row.  Joe Munoz’s performance of  Jason Mraz’s “You and I Both” was OK.  He’s got a good voice…started off shaky but managed to get it together before too long; however, even if you’re an avid AI viewer (like myself) you’re probably muttering the words, “Who’s Joe Munoz,” to yourself right now.  He’s dull.  Boring.  A little David Archuletta resemblance going on there for me, but only in appearance– not vocally– and David’s smile could light the night sky (now that’s adorableness you don’t tire of…well, maybe).  Let’s not forget Tyler Grady.  The Jim Morrison look-a-like contest coordinators can all shut their doors (no pun intended…ha) and send all trophies to Tyler Grady.  However, looks alone will not pull you through American Idol (case and point, Ashely Rodriguez).  His attempt to rock out on stage to Guess Who’s “American Woman” appeared to be more like a nervous twitch and, once again, I found myself fast-forwarding through.

Thus ends another sad and shaky attempt at searching for America’s next pop star…for this week.  Let’s hope next week the remaining 20 can pull it together and actually give fans a reason to continue watching.  So contestants– shake off the dust, Kara–pull up your panties (your husband’s in the audience for goodness sake), and viewers–try to remain open to the possibility of a better week two of live performances; as difficult as that may be.

Side-note:  is it completely weird that I find myself oddly attracted to last season’s runner-up, and openly gay, Adam Lambert?  Seriously!  I find myself watching the video for “Whataya Want From Me” over and over again cuz he’s so yummy!  Completely strange to me considering I couldn’t stand to watch him perform on American Idol during his season.  How’s that work??  Never mind the fact that the guy wears more make-up and nail polish than I do at any given time…he’s smokin’ hot!!

That’s all for now…go ahead, thank God 😮

Shannon…out (has Ryan copyrighted that phrase yet??)