Guitar Lesson Chronicles: Chapter One–“OUCH!!!!”

Last night I had my very first guitar lesson.  My husband’s little sister is teaching me (easy way for a young girl to make some money).  She’s just kinda learning herself, but she knows more than I do, which is all I need!  Plus, she has the patience of a snail working its way to a salad buffet…something I need as well!  I’ve always had a strong desire to learn to play an instrument.  I’ve always loved to sing, although I’m no Aretha.  So, I’m “upping” my game so-to-speak.  My husband gave me a guitar a couple of Christmases ago, and now that our youngest daughter is seven months old and can interact a little more with her rambunctious older sister, I feel that I finally have the time to give it a whirl and learn how to play.

Before heading over to my in-law’s place, we stopped at the store to purchase a set of guitar strings because my first string snapped the other day.  Tania said she would replace it for me because she has a tool to do so.  We purchase the strings and drive the short distance to Tony’s parent’s house.  We had already dropped the girls off prior to heading to the store because, well, it takes a lot less time to shop that way.  We get there and Tania proceeds to put the new string on my guitar.  As she’s tuning it, that same string breaks.  A brand new stinkin’ string!  So anyway, she feels bad, so she goes and gets the guitar that she doesn’t use too often and is going to put the string from that guitar onto my guitar.  However, THAT string breaks too!!!  So now I’m starting to think that the universe is trying to keep me from playing the guitar.  C’mon, I’m not going to be THAT bad.  This I now find kinda humorous as my horoscope for yesterday said, “…so whatever you are doing, make sure you have a couple of backup plans just in case.”  I don’t make a habit of reading my horoscope…never do really.  I just happened across it yesterday and voila, how fitting.  Well, screw the universe!  I’m gonna learn how to play anyway.  After all of the string breaking drama, she decides to let me use her guitar.  So I learn on that for a little while.  She then brings out her electric guitar so that she can show me finger placements better.  I begin twisting my fingers in ways I didn’t know were possible, the tips of my fingers hurt so bad that I want to peel the flesh off of them, and the guitar that I’m playing on starts to rally against me and makes weird noises when I strum.  I think it was growling at me.  We then switch guitars.  So now I’m playing the electric guitar and it turns out that it doesn’t hurt as bad to hold the strings down.  Nice.

The song she’s teaching me as a “starter” song is Colbie Caillat’s “Bubbly.”  Cute song, “bubbly” lyrics, and only three chords to memorize.  Easy.  Transitioning from one chord to another–not so easy.  I guess that’s why they say, “Practice makes perfect.”  After all of the string breaking drama I was able to learn three new chords, how to transition easily from one chord to the next, a bit of strumming, and–most importantly–my fingers are now a tad closer to losing their sense of touch.  Fantastic.  Oh, did I mention that I had to completely cut my fingernails down even more so than they already were?  I feel like a little kid with stubby fingers now.  Small price to pay, I guess.  I wasn’t super close to my fingernails, but I think I will miss them.  Guess that’s why you don’t see strippers playing the guitar.  The acrylics would totally interfere.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in Guitar Lesson Chronicles.

  1. I’m a guitar teacher and caught your post on the surf. Keep at it, even though it hurts. Try ice on your fingertips before practicing. Did you know that Stevie Ray Vaughn used to coat the tips of his fingers in Crazy Glue? I don’t recommend this….Good luck.

    • Thank you so much for the tips! I sit with my guitar on my lap for about two hours a day and pluck at it occasionally. I’m pretty good at memorizing chords, but the transitioning between them is going to take practice, plus…the pain!!! lol I did read something about using liquid skin? I think it’s some sort of Band-Aid product…I’ve heard of it before, but never thought of trying it out. I do appreciate the insight though. I think I was just thrilled to actually have a comment on my blog from someone other than a friend 🙂 I’ll keep practicing!! How old is your son? He’s adorable! We have a two year old daughter, Sophie, and a 7 month old daughter, Addison. Such blessings, aren’t they? Thanks again and take care!

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