Susan Smith Seeks New Trial

Susan Smith, the mother (that word is thrown around casually these days, isn’t it?) in South Carolina who was convicted of killing her two sons back in 1995, is petitioning for a new trial.  If you want to actually view an article stating her reasoning for a new trial, click on the link below.  However, my main point is not to let the whole world know that this mother-monster seeks post-conviction relief.  When a person straps their two young sons (in this case, the boys, Michael and Alex, were 3 years old and 14 months old, respectively) into their carseats and lets the car just roll into a lake causing both children to drown, you ought to get the death penalty.  Period.  No questions asked, just hook her up, flip the switch, and say, “Sayonara, evil being.”  Not only did she murder these two beautiful children, but she lied about it and said that her car was hijacked by a black man, and pleaded on national television for their safe return.  Lying sack of $*#%!!  She also put in a pity-plea in her original trial stating that she was molested by her step-father as a child.  Alright, that’s a terrible thing to have happen to you as a child, but it is WRONG WRONG WRONG to take the life of another, not to mention your own children’s lives, regardless of what may or may not have happened to you as a child (I’m not referring to circumstances such as self defense and the like). 

When this happened in 1995, I was 14 years old and in middle school.  I remember hearing about it and thinking how tragic it was, but hearing about this again in 2010 as a 28 year old mother of two (both of my girls are young just like her boys), it creates a lump in my throat that I have to continuously swallow or let out by crying hysterically for the remainder of the day.  I even had to take a short break while writing this so as to regain my composure and gather my thoughts. 

Every story I hear about a child being abused, molested, or murdered at the hands of their parent(s) automatically brings a mental image of my two precious little girls and it infuriates me beyond belief knowing that there are people out there who are so heartless, so soulless, so unfathomably devoid of any emotions whatsoever that they could willingly snuff out the life of their own child.  I don’t understand it, I don’t want to understand it because it’s just not supposed to happen!  Yes, children being murdered by anybody in general is a heinous crime that should, in my opinion, render the highest form of punishment allowable by law (a good old-fashioned stoning perhaps?);  however, to inflict harm–aside from the occasional pat on the behind–on your own flesh and blood is, to me, one of the most inhumane acts a person can commit.  Really, the punishment should fit the crime.  Susan should be strapped into a carseat that she can’t get out of and rolled into the river. posted a transcript of the confession from Susan Smith back in 2006 and asked Crime Rant readers to share with them questions they would want asked if Susan Smith was interviewed.  One comment read, “…Susan, can you even begin to IMAGINE the terror that you inflicted upon your prescious sons?

Can you see them scratching at the windows?

Can you hear their last gasps of  breath?

Can you hear their cries of horror?

Can you hear them saying Why Mommy Why?”

Really puts it into perspective.  So moms and dads, hug your babies tightly every day.  Take their beautiful little faces into your hands, look into their eyes and tell them you love them every day.  For those of you who do not yet have children, call your parents and say, “Mom, Dad…I don’t know that I truly comprehend how much you truly love me, but I thank you for loving me nonetheless.”  I never understood true, unconditional love until I had a child.  Now, nothing and no one, apart from God Himself, could take my children away from me…least of all, myself. 

Click here for full article on Susan Smith’s request for pardon

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